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'Untitled' search results sending users to spam sites, Google 'working on it' - Search Engine Land

Last updated Friday, January 28, 2022 17:48 ET , Source: NewsService

Google search results have been showing an “Untitled” title tag for some sites over the past 3 days. People who click on those sites are being sent to spam sites, according to postings from users on Hacker News and Reddit.

‘Untitled’ Google results. Here’s what a Hacker News user posted:

“Over the last few days I’ve noticed several distinct Google results that are simply ‘Untitled’, that redirect to other sites that are definitely spam and possibly malware (I didn’t stay long enough to investigate). I’ve seen other examples of titles such as ‘Oh’ redirecting to the same spam sites. From the result preview below the title, the results otherwise seem somewhat relevant to the query, but most often end up loading a fake captcha page.“

nsilvestri on Hacker News

There is speculation in that thread that some of the reports of ‘Untitled’ results are due to compromised WordPress sites.

That thread reference another Hacker News thread, which included additional evidence of the issue in a discussion about Google rewriting page titles:

“Something has to be fishy with this because I get tons of “Untitled” results now which directly lead to spam. This sucks big time because I usually got really good results since I search a lot coding related things and now I cannot use this account anymore for searching.”

5Qn8mNbc2FNCiVV on Hacker News

On Reddit, there is additional discussion of this issue. One user shared what the “Untitled” titles look like:

Google’s response. When alerted about...

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