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Property Webmasters aims to work with 3,000 estate agents - The Northern Echo

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A Hartlepool businessman has described his company's success as 'a dream come true' on its 15th anniversary.

Software and digital marketing company Property Webmasters has firmly established itself on the international stage as a leading PropTech firm delivering results for estate agents across the world.

“Over the next three years it is a realistic target to want 3,000-plus estate agents using our software, that would be an incredible achievement for the business,” said Jamie, speaking from the White House office he owns in the heart of Hartlepool.

“We have a long way to go for that to happen, but it is there for the taking.

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“That figure is a global figure, we are also looking to build our market share in the UK. When you think along those lines it makes you proud.

“For a relatively small business in Hartlepool, a town many of our clients haven’t even heard of, to be working with people in the Caribbean, Middle East, all over, for major companies such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Century21, Coldwell Banker makes me smile.”

Property Webmasters has overseas employees but 90 per cent of its workforce hails from the town, Teesside or the North-East. There are now 25 employees, a far cry from where it all started.

Jamie said: “Although the business has been running for 15 years it has been through many changes during that time. The last six years have been pivotal. Six years ago there was only me, we have grown quite...

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