Thursday, December 8, 2022

Why NAP & User Experience Are Crucial To Local SEO - Search Engine Journal

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NAP consistency is an important part of Google’s local search and Local Pack algorithms, which means that building citations with a consistent NAP on your Google Business Profile listing and other online directories and sites can influence your local rankings.

However, having a consistent NAP is also important to the user journey, as online directories and social bookmarking sites aren’t just used by Google – they’re used by humans, too.

Maintaining a high level of consistency and accuracy reduces the risk of mistakes being made by search engines mechanically processing the data.

It also reduces the risk of user friction should a potential customer trying to contact your business come across an incorrect phone number, store hours, or email address.

And, if Google comes across five different versions of your store hours, which one are they to believe?

Conflicting information can erode Google’s trust in your location’s data, which doesn’t equate to your listing being considered the best result for a relevant query.

Keeping track of where key business information is listed and how accurate it is can be a difficult job even for a single location.

When you’re managing multiple locations with multiple addresses and phone numbers, even with the use of enterprise software, it becomes increasingly...

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