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Google Creates Bubble Chart Template For Data Studio - Search Engine Journal

Last updated Monday, April 11, 2022 03:00 ET , Source: NewsService

A new and free template for Google Data Studio will help you analyze query data from Search Console.

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Google has created and shared a free template for visualizing your Search Console data as a bubble chart in Google Data Studio.

This makes it easier than ever to analyze Search Console data with a bubble chart — a task people have been using third party tools to accomplish.

Now, creating a bubble chart is as simple as clicking on a link to Google’s template.

Google designed the chart to help you understand which queries are performing well for your site, and which could be improved

In addition, Google offers tips on how to use the template to isolate your most important data.

This is all shared in the latest installment of Google Search Advocate Daniel Waisberg’s blog series dedicated to Google Data Studio.

Here’s more about the template and how to use it.

Google Data Studio Bubble Chart Template

To utilize Google’s bubble chart to visualize query data you first have to connect Search Console to Data Studio.

Next, open the link to Google’s template in a browser where you’re signed into the Search Console account you want to manage.

The chart will automatically populate with data and render a page like the one shown below:

Image Credit: developers.google.com/search/blog/, April 2022.

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