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15 Ways Law Firms Can Reignite Their Marketing Efforts During Downtime - JD Supra

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A lot of people are on spring break this week – but you shouldn’t take a break from marketing. In fact, there is so much opportunity to stand out as others sit on the beach or duck out for any kind of vacation during the year.

Whenever you take some time off – or business is slow – here are some things you can do with your downtime to continue to develop your marketing and business development efforts.

Because legal services are not an impulse purchase and companies retain outside legal counsel when they need legal representation, you should always be marketing yourself and your firm to stay top of mind with prospective clients and referral sources.

Strong marketing is about building relationships by providing value.

Also, marketing is not just for client or business development.

It can help you stay top of mind with the media, help you build your personal brand, obtain speaking engagements, board appointments, article writing opportunities – and so much more.

Here are some ideas on how law firms and B2B companies and their employees can reignite their marketing and business development efforts when they have downtime:

  1. Create a personal marketing plan with only three to five actionable to-do’s so that you can actually accomplish them. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to marketing. What works for a lawyer in one practice area may not work for someone with a different practice, that’s why I tailor these plans individually with my clients based on their strengths and...

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