Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Sociallyin Marketing Agency Releases New Case Studies on HVAC SEO - Digital Journal

Last updated Wednesday, May 4, 2022 16:29 ET , Source: NewsService

The search engine optimization division of marketing agency Sociallyin recently released data surrounding an SEO campaign for an HVAC company based in a small Alabama town.

ATLANTA, Ga. – May 4, 2022 – Blake Akers, SEO Lead at Sociallyin, authored the study and personally worked on the account. Akers has a long history as an SEO expert, founding science-based SEO agency Webology in 2016. Webology and Sociallyin joined together to create SEO by Sociallyin, and Akers leads the new division, servicing both small and large businesses.

The two-part study highlights steps taken to generate new leads using SEO, a marketing technique used to increase brand visibility in online search results. SEO by Sociallyin published the initial study in Jan. 2022 and released the follow up article in April.

The first part of the study highlights his initial steps. Using proven techniques like interlinking social profiles and thoroughly updating their Google business listing, Akers and Sociallyin were able to jumpstart the SEO process. The study revealed immediate results: Akers’ SEO efforts helped the client attract a fifty thousand dollar lead within two weeks.

The second part of the study, released in April, demonstrates continued growth for the client, even in the transition between seasons. Featuring real communications with the client, the second half of the study shows maintained results over the three months following the first part of the study.

Akers credits this success to the...

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