Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Why A Mere 2% Of B2B Marketers Are Cutting Back On Their Martech In 2022 - MarTech Series

Last updated Friday, May 13, 2022 06:24 ET , Source: NewsService

Mind reading isn’t just reserved for vampires, wizards and Professor X. B2B marketers can conquer this superpower too… to an extent. They can identify the thoughts of their audience, sense their interest, learn what they want and how to deliver it.

We’re on the precipice of total mind-reading prowess, and it’s all thanks to the ever-increasing span of marketing technology readily available at the click of a button (for self-serve MarTech products at least).

It’s no wonder that 63% of B2B technology and SaaS marketers are looking to increase their use of MarTech this year!

New research from 93x and FINITE, the private global community for B2B technology and SaaS marketers, revealed that only 2% will be culling at least some of their MarTech stack, with the majority looking to buy, buy, buy.

While this spending can be reasoned by the offerings of MarTech, the unending possibilities it provides and the temptation of new and exciting tools and platforms, there are also a few quantifiable reasons why most B2B tech marketers are purchasing more MarTech this year.

Let’s list a few:

More than half of B2B tech marketers cannot measure the impact of their marketing on revenue.

FINITE’s report found that only 8% of B2B tech marketers say they can measure the impact of their marketing on revenue. When CMO’s and other marketing leaders have the shortest tenure across organisations, it is vital to track success and prove marketing’s value. So why can so few attribute marketing to...

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