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New Form Of Google Knowledge Panel Spam Or Is This A Simple Google Bug? - Search Engine Roundtable

Last updated Thursday, May 19, 2022 07:31 ET , Source: NewsService

If you do a search on [seo services india] you will see a knowledge panel show up for a "musical artist" named "SEO Services in India." The question is, is this a bug with Google misinterpreting entities or is this specific manipulation by an SEO as a form of new Google knowledge panel spam?

Do you think this was done intentionally to gain attention and manipulate Google's algorithms or do you think this was just some weird bug?

I was notified of this on Twitter and I can replicate it - here is a screenshot that you can click on to enlarge:

this knowledge seems to have been generated by AI (no wiki). there may be a bug in identifying the entities

— Alireza Naji (@AlirezaNaji_) May 18, 2022

Right it might be ! - replicate the same. pic.twitter.com/rpsHDzxyGM

— Khushal Bherwani (@b4k_khushal) May 18, 2022

Seems someone's adding seo related audio/videos in music category in india. They are extraordinary Pros

— Ali Raza (@ImAliRazaPk) May 18, 2022

I think somehow this page might be responsible for this.https://t.co/YHbla1tfyX
(Gaana is a music streaming website)

It seems someone is building "Audio Backlinks".

— Kumarpal Shah (@KumarpalKp) May 18, 2022

Seems like they are picked up from Books section from Gaana to listen ... Read the book kind of... Listen to this book ... Hmmm pic.twitter.com/O5imJj9fav

— Raman (@Ramana_Tula) May 18, 2022

Following google feedback process and reporting easily identifiable spam every week for 3 months is being patient? at what point does...

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