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What is Technical SEO? - HTML Goodies

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Have you tried to increase your search engine rankings by investing all of your time, money, and effort into methods like keyword research and backlinks? While those on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies can certainly help, you cannot forget about technical SEO, an often overlooked part of the ranking puzzle that we will cover in this guide.

Some consider technical SEO a part of on-page SEO since some of their methods or tactics overlap and intersect. For this guide, we will keep them separate. Although its definition will differ according to source, technical SEO essentially refers to the methods used to create and optimize websites so they can be easily crawled, indexed, and rendered by search engines.

Even with the best content in the business, an eye-catching design, and a bevy of backlinks, a site lacking technical SEO will fail to reach its potential. With the proper technical SEO strategy in place, you can enhance your rankings and visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPS). What makes up a comprehensive technical SEO strategy? Addressing issues like URL structure, page speed, user-friendliness, and more, which we will discuss in further detail.

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Technical SEO vs. On-page SEO

As mentioned, some feel as if technical SEO falls under the on-page SEO umbrella since some of their methods overlap, such as page speed, user-friendliness, mobile-responsiveness, etc. And while that is true, and they are also...

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