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Customers are relying on web searches, but some lawyers aren't prioritizing SEO and social media marketing - ABA Journal

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Michelle Creeden, the practice administrator for National Legal Center, a law firm in Candia, New Hampshire, always relied on business referrals rather than advertisements.

It had never been a problem—until the pandemic arrived and obliterated those businesses, drying up the referrals seemingly overnight.

So two years ago, Creeden turned to search engine optimization and social media to market the law firm.

“It is definitely a long game and a work in progress, but we’re starting to see success with this strategy,” Creeden says.

Prior to implementing the SEO strategy, in which the firm improves its website so that it’s more visible and listed higher by internet search engines, the vast majority of visitors to their site were existing clients and offline referrals. Since focusing on SEO, they’ve seen their impressions increase by more than 1,200%, and organic traffic now accounts for about 42% of visitors (it was previously around 7%).

“The unexpected short-term benefit we hadn’t anticipated is the B2B relationships we’ve been able to form as a result of an improved online presence,” Creeden says.

Law firms are slowly but surely making the jump from email marketing to social media and SEO advertising—but they’re not all on the other side yet. According to a December 2021 survey from CallRail, a marketing analytics and business communications platform, nearly half the firms surveyed snag business via social media and internet searches. But only 17% make SEO or social media...

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