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5 Rank Tracking Tools for Organic Search - Practical Ecommerce

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Monitoring organic search positions in Google is increasingly challenging. Google’s search results pages are now dynamic, diverse, and personalized. Additional sections — images, videos, “People also ask,” more — impact shoppers’ search journeys.

Yet position tracking remains the best way to measure organic search performance.

In this post, I’ll address my top five rank-tracking providers:

  • Google Search Console,
  • Sitechecker,
  • Spyfu,
  • Ahrefs,
  • Semrush.

Top 5 Rank Trackers

Google Search Console is free. It’s my primary ranking tool. Search Console’s “Performance” section reports:

  • Search queries your site ranks for,
  • Average position of your site for each query,
  • Pages that drive organic clicks,
  • Impact of your site’s rich snippets.

The platform provides 16 months of data. There’s no way to prioritize keywords. Still, the tool is a must-have because its data is straight from Google.

With a couple of plugins, you can combine Google Analytics and Search Console data for even more insights into search queries and your site’s rankings for each.

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Sitechecker is a multi-feature SEO platform that includes daily rank tracking. Use Sitechecker to monitor your positions and those of your competitors.

The tool retains daily snapshots of SERPs — helpful for back-in-time analysis. There’s also a useful visualization of SERP movements that includes all top-ranking third-party URLs — not just yours or your competitors’. It’s valuable insight into ranking fluctuations.


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