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5 ways digital market research can help your business - TT Newsday

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Research and consumer data are one of the key areas in Trinidad and Tobago that businesses from the micro to corporate don’t take advantage of. For the most part, the larger entities are still doing age-old practices like focus groups to get a sample size of data and then making broad-stroke assumptions about their target audiences.

In today's digital world, we have far surpassed those tactics as our main source of understanding our clients.

Now, international organisations are tapping into one of the biggest resources collecting data on the human psyche to date, and that is search engine data.

Think about this: how many times have you left a party, a restaurant, visited a landmark and received an e-mail from Google asking you about your visit? Or maybe you parked your car somewhere and Google sends you a timely reminder of where you parked your car.

We as humans tend to lie to other humans, surveys or focus groups, but you know who we don’t lie to? We don’t lie to Google, Bing or any of the search engines.

With all of that data that the search engines collect on us, we have the tools available that allow us to tap into that data to further understand our target audiences across the world.

So let me introduce you to five of my favourite pieces of consumer data that search engine listening can provide us with.

1. Search intentions

2. Location of the target audience

3. Questions or queries on a topic

4. Digital market share of brands

5. Backlinks of competitors

Now there...

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