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WordLift moves SEO past keywords to build web content for today's search engines - Macworld

Last updated Thursday, June 16, 2022 04:00 ET , Source: NewsService

In olden times — say, around 2010 — keywords were king. Anybody who wanted to score big online knew that getting Google’s attention meant identifying keywords that would bring searchers to your door. That’s because back then, keywords were the only way search engines could find relevance between a user’s search and the content they were looking for

In 2022, search engine algorithms are much more nuanced, capable of gleaning context and other identifiers from content to better connect users to the information they want. Keywords are OK, but concepts and entities — that’s what matters in search engine optimization (SEO) these days. You can move on from keywords and still put your content in a position to be seen with the WordLift SEO Tool for Google Sheets.

WordLift goes beyond individual keywords and focuses on semantic SEO or organizing a content piece around an optimized topic. After installing this extension, users can connect their Google Search account and see a detailed analysis of which search queries they want their content to rank in. Using artificial intelligence, WordLift interprets what you wrote, determining what search engine crawlers will find as the core concepts of your work. If it matches your intention, great! But if not, it offers alternatives to enrich your content with links, images and structural additions to hit your search target sweet spot.

Backed by stellar 4.8 out of 5-star reviews from users on Capterra and GetApp, WordLift offers the tools to...

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