Tuesday, July 5, 2022

MTA360 Unveils Offer for AI Chat & Google Review Software - Martechcube

Last updated Wednesday, June 22, 2022 09:30 ET , Source: NewsService

MTA360, a 2021 Top Google Marketing provider serving the home improvement, HVAC and related industries, announced today a free, limited-time offer that enables prospective customers to try two of its industry-leading online tools: Artifical Intelligence (AI) Chat and Review Software.

Customers who sign up for the offer will gain complimentary access to these distinct, proven MTA360 technologies for a 12-month period. The AI Chat technology enables 24/7 engagement for website inquiries with instant, customized, brand-aligned scripted responses. With MTA360’s innovative chat technology, 60% of chats, on average, are converted to leads. MTA360’s Review Software links to any Google My Business profile and makes it easy for happy customers to post positive reviews, which improve search engine optimization and lead generation.

“Our fully engaged clients enjoy an average cost per lead in the $25 range, a massive savings compared with the industry average of $300,” said Jack Nagy, president of MTA360. “This leading technology works so well, especially for home improvement-related businesses, we want to share it with more organizations for a full-year free test run. These digital marketing tools are well-suited for the HVAC and other home improvement industries, which are looking for easy-to-deploy proven technologies to drive awareness, consideration, and business.”

MTA360 designs and develops highly effective SEO-ready websites from scratch using proprietary technology with no...

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