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Incredible products and services are only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to taking your startup to the next level. An often overlooked and missing piece for many businesses is its emphasis on its marketing resources from the get-go.

It’s very easy to let marketing fall by the wayside during the initial set-up phase, especially if you don’t think you have the budget to focus time and energy on these efforts. But, when you set a good foundation using an updated and relevant marketing mix, the long-term results can be astounding.

According to Ean Barnard, head of brand at Finch Technologies, getting traction and punching above your weight is a critical outcome for any startup.

“When looking at tools for your startup, remember that you are in a fast-paced world. There is no reason to get married to your marketing stack at this stage, so look for lean, quality tools at the right price that allow your team to punch above their weight, and easily scale up,” says Barnard.

Here are five helpful marketing tools that will make it easier to get the word out about your brand – regularly, affordably and creatively.

1. Canva - image creation

Talking about your business to friends and family might come naturally, but how do you communicate your brand message in a creative way to your customers? A social media post without an attractive design angle will just get lost in the heaps of posts on anyone’s newsfeed. In contrast, a well-thought-out post with an engaging on-brand image...

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