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Google Pays Wikimedia To Provide The Most Accurate Information Across Its Search Engine - Digital Information World

Last updated Thursday, June 23, 2022 14:39 ET , Source: NewsService

The spread of misinformation is definitely a major challenge that so many leading tech giants have been facing for a while now. And Google being a leading search engine is no exception.

The tech giant is now making some more moves to ensure all the information found across its search engine is as accurate as possible. And if that means spending some extra cash, then so be it.

Google says it is now paying the Wikimedia Foundation to help curb issues of misinformation and give users the best search experience with authentic information. This includes making sure all the facts are not only up to date but correct too.

Wikimedia is stated to be a non-profit body that is behind Wikipedia and it has recently issued a statement in this regard. They claim Google is definitely one of the first customers to take this added initiative and make a purchase of its commercial initiative that’s designed to help users get the best out of its library.

Wikimedia Enterprise came into play last year when it was launched worldwide to help various search engines that work by reusing so many chunks of information that are stored across different libraries on Wikimedia. Hence, it only makes sense as to why Google is more than happy to venture out in this direction.

Previously, the company was relying on free-of-cost data that was available to the general public. The search engine used to simply pick up data from Wikipedia by scraping across the surface via APIs. Hence, there was no check and...

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