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How To Find Blog Topic Ideas That Improve SEO - The Drum

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Not enough companies dedicate time and effort to blogging, which is a great way of promoting services and connecting with users – new and old. Stas Pamintuan, junior SEO executive at Digital Ethos, shares some foolproof techniques for blogging in style to ensure that posts engage readers.

As Google becomes increasingly sophisticated at determining user search intent, it’s evident that content writing answering your customers’ questions is one of the key ways to develop a powerful SEO blog strategy. Creating topics that address the queries and concerns of your customers allows you to take advantage of Google’s algorithm and searchers’ trends toward longer search strings.

Here’s a little secret – the information you need is readily available for free. All it takes is a few searches, as well as knowing where to look. And if you can figure out what your target audience is searching for, the process of finding blog topic ideas comes quite easily. Not only that, but there are also various tools and resources to help you generate ideas and streamline this process.

Use medium- and long-tail keywords for SEO

When you focus on writing blogs that answer specific questions, you’ll attract buyers who are after what you offer. This is where medium- and long-tail keywords come in as they improve click-through rates and conversions because they answer questions from customers who are in specific stages of the buyer’s journey.

In essence, you’re pre-qualifying your audience. Even if you...

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