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Is Your Firm An Internet Ghost? Digital Logic's Proven Method Can Make You Real To Potential Clients - Above the Law

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Your law firm provides great services, and you have top-notch lawyers who work hard. You’re confident in this, yet your search for new clients seems like it’s proceeding as slowly as a glacier in the Pleistocene.

Word of mouth can only get you so far. The same can be said for referrals. In this day and age, everyone knows a small firm needs to tap into the prodigious marketing power of the internet. Of course, you can’t simply dive into the torrent of data and hope for the best. When potential clients are searching for the services that your law firm offers, your firm should show up as a contender. This means you must be discoverable by online search engines.

Digital Logic, a digital marketing firm based in Shreveport, La., has developed a method to help you attract the new business that’s crucial to your success.

So, what is this method, and how does it work? Is this marketing method the right choice for your firm? Recently, the folks at Digital Logic met with Above the Law to walk us through the company’s Search Engine Optimization strategies, techniques, and the core functions of research-content writing and link building. The company demonstrated the importance of SEO with a few numbers: 96% of consumers start their search for legal advice by using a search engine. Seventy-two percent of those consumers only contact one lawyer. Moreover, 95% of searchers never look past the first three search results.


Effective SEO begins with research, which, as Digital...

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