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OPositive Co-founder meets Digital Vidhya; Speaks about how to inject new blood into the SEO industry - APN News

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Asia’s leading professional training company focusing on imparting new-age skills to individuals & organizations, Digital Vidhya joins hands with Mr. Ravi Soni, co-founder of Obbserv and OPositive, to conduct an insightful webinar on “WHY, HOW and WHAT should you invest in SEO?”. With this webinar, they wish to enlighten the part-takers about the basics of SEO and how it withholds the potential to bring digital success for brands.

Speaking about the webinar, Mr. Ravi Soni said “SEO has been a buzzword in digital marketing for more than a decade, but its potential still remains underutilized. We, at OPositive, take this challenge of mastering this playing field.” He added, “With this session, I intend to deliver the SEO’s evolving power and how to combat the ever-changing algorithms of the search engine to drive desired results. I am looking forward to meeting the SEO enthusiasts who wish to learn the art of creating a digital footprint through SEO.”

How is O+ve revolutionizing SEO?

OPositive is an advanced SEO research lab at Obbserv, that aims to deliver focused solutions for organic traffic growth & footfall to stores.

Obbserv was founded by Ravi Soni & Ajay Raj Acharya in 2012 with a vision to inspire the world around us to thrive & scale by pushing boundaries. They partner to craft a digital-first, personalized & sustainable solution for the brands that are growth-hungry & passionate to put a dent in the world.

Here’s how O+ve is empowering the...

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