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From language and currency to selection pages, local market orientation requires careful planning. Discover best practices to support SEO.

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In my last column, I addressed the business benefits of an International SEO Strategy, and the first benefit was to complement your broader global strategic plan.

This is a critical alignment especially when it comes to how you plan to deploy websites to target these markets.

Managing multiple global websites not only requires resources to create and maintain but also must add value for users in the target market.

How Many Market Sites Are Too Many?

Over the years, I have seen many companies translate their website into another language like Spanish or Arabic and then attempt to “maximize their investment” by cloning a local version to every market that speaks that language.

For one company, this approach resulted in 1,600 separate websites and over 18 million web pages most of which were not getting indexed as the pages were considered duplicates by Google.

Image from Twitter, June 2022

On Twitter recently, John Mueller from Google answered a question from a post asking if having English language versions for EMEA markets was a good strategy.

His response was, “It looks like you have 78 URLs for the same content.”

He went on to say, “It looks like it’s the...

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