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Optimizing content starts with knowing what the search intent of your customer really is. Learn to create a strategy around search intent.

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When thinking about optimizing content, your top priority should be search intent.

Think about how many times you have typed something into Google that was practically gibberish, and Google understood exactly what you meant.

This is something we may take for granted, but it’s the exact reason why search intent is so important.

Monthly search volume is nice to have, but since it’s impossible to create demand, we need to align our high quality content and our product landing pages with the customer’s intent.

Google has never really cared about us optimizing our content.

It cares about serving the user the most relevant and unique content to help them find what they are looking for.

Google updates its algorithm so often because it wants to make sure that it is meeting the hearts, minds, and souls of its users, and matching their queries with relevant results.

In this article, we will review why search intent is the most important thing to consider when optimizing content, and how to create a content strategy based on research around search intent.

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