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Folks who grind their teeth while sleeping rely on custom-fitted guards for prevention. For sellers of those guards, the complication is the custom-fitting. It requires an exact teeth impression, which presumably calls for an in-person visit.

But not if the seller is Pro Teeth Guard, a San Diego, California-based online dental lab that sells made-to-order teeth guards via ecommerce. Its impressions-by-mail process facilitates custom manufacturing — and satisfied customers.

I recently spoke with JP Ji, Pro Teeth Guard’s president, on production challenges, customer service strategies, marketing, and more.

Our entire audio interview is embedded below. The transcript is edited and condensed.

Eric Bandholz: Tell us about Pro Teeth Guard.

JP Ji: We sell custom-fitted mouth guards for people who grind their teeth when they sleep. We send a kit to customers. They take an impression of their teeth and return it back to us. We then custom manufacture the mouth guard and send the completed product to the buyer. We offer adjustments, a one-year warranty, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

We launched the business in 2012 when my mom started a lab serving local dentists. We now have nine employees and just over $1 million in annual revenue. During Covid, a lot of dentists shut down. At that time, online sales had become a minor part of the business, probably 5% of the overall revenue. So we said, “Let’s focus on our ecommerce site.”

Currently, the dental lab only services the...

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