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How to Use Facebook Ads to Boost the Organic Reach of Your Small Business - Atlanta Small Business Network

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Facebook Ads have become life-saving regarding social media and boosting organic reach. The more click rates your website achieves, the higher the chance the company has to achieve elevated organic views and traffic to the website.

What are Facebook Ads?

Although Facebook is used primarily as a social media website amongst friends and family, small businesses and large companies have the opportunity to use Facebook Ads to advertise directly to their target audience.

A Facebook ad is an advertising campaign primarily on Facebook. It can be as small as one post that is not monetized or includes videos, paid commercials, gifs, designs, and more. Businesses use Facebook Ads for different reasons, but it is a common way to establish a well-connected audience and increase online sales.

How Do You Create a Facebook Ad?

The first step in creating a Facebook Ad is to familiarize yourself with the ad-creating tool. It is surprisingly easy to use and has many functions. There are three distinct levels to consider: the campaign level, the ad set level, and the ad level.

At the campaign level, you select an objection or target goal to meet. Users can define the audience, schedule the posting, and determine a thorough budget during the ad set level. Afterward, you will move onto the ad level step, where you design the ads by implementing links, images, videos, and more!

The Five Best Ways to Use Facebook Ads to Boost Organic Reach

Listed below are the five best ways to use Facebook Ads...

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