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Is Google Search Console hiding data from you? - Browser Media

Last updated Friday, July 1, 2022 05:34 ET , Source: NewsService

A recent piece of research from Ahrefs has highlighted the fact that Google Search Console could be hiding some of your site’s keyword data.

Google Search Console (GSC) should be a go to tool for all digital marketers. The platform provides valuable insights into a site’s performance, traffic, highlights issues, and gives crucial information to help your site succeed in Google rankings. If GSC isn’t currently a vital weapon in your digital marketing arsenal, it should be.

The fact that Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google, it’s understandable why it is a trusted data source for marketers around the world. However, how would you feel if you learnt that GSC might not be showing you all of the data for your site? A recent piece of research from Patrick Stox, Product Advisor, Technical SEO and Brand Ambassador at Ahrefs, found that the keywords are hidden for 46% of clicks in GSC. So, what does that mean for your SEO strategy?

Understanding the data

During the research, Patrick Stox and the team at Ahrefs analysed data from 146,741 websites across a month, totalling nearly 9 billion clicks. Of those near 9 billion clicks, 46% of all keywords were hidden from GSC. The calculation to highlight how many keywords are missing for each site is relatively straightforward:

(total clicks – sum of clicks to all keywords) / total clicks

For example, say a site has 10,000 total clicks, with the total number of clicks to all keywords being 6,500 the sum would look something...

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