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Mid-Year Law Firm Best Practices to Boost ROI - The National Law Review

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While the middle of a calendar year brings summer, children out of school, family vacations, and often slower court schedules, it also provides a halfway point for law firms to review and reflect. By now, your law firm’s marketing strategy should have two fiscal quarters’ worth of data with which to evaluate how its marketing campaigns are going.

Each type of marketing endeavor will beget different data – social media metrics revolve around reach, engagement, and clicks, for example, while Google Ads campaigns focus on top of page rate, impression share, and of course conversions.

No matter what type of marketing your law firm is doing – whether paid or unpaid – now is the time to take a hard look at what you’ve done so far this year and see what’s working well, what could use improvement, and what should be discontinued.

How To Evaluate Your Law Firm’s Marketing Effectiveness and Make Adjustments

If you haven’t been tracking the return on investment (ROI) of each marketing effort and/or expenditure as accurately as possible, now is the time to immediately rectify that so you have better data with which to evaluate effectiveness moving forward. This means using dedicated call tracking numbers and tracking URLs for every single effort, whether a billboard, print advertisement or email marketing piece.

If you use the same phone number and same website on all of your ads and channels, you will never be able to accurately identify what leads came from which...

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