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Why Big Brands Are Losing Online Market Share - MarTech Series

Last updated Friday, July 1, 2022 04:38 ET , Source: NewsService

If a competing brand took over all your shelf space in stores, you’d do whatever it took to regain control. Then why are major companies failing to step in when their brand is boxed out in Google search?

The first page of Google search is, in many ways, today’s top-shelf retail placement. Consumers are using online search to make purchasing decisions throughout their customer journey — sometimes even while they’re in the physical store (according to Google, mobile searches performed in-store have grown 15% in recent years)!

And the consequences are dire. The brands failing to show up organically in search are falling behind in the market and could be losing millions in potential sales.

Put simply, the brands falling behind online typically lack the SEO strategy and long-form content needed to effectively compete in Google. So, what specific issues are causing this? And what can be done to reverse the effects?

Failure to build customer-centric strategies

For marketing strategies to be impactful, brands need to understand their customers’ needs throughout the buying process and provide helpful, relevant resources at every stage.

Where many marketers go wrong is the type of content they create and where it’s being promoted. By focusing on overly promotional and interruptive content, many marketers try to force a conversion prematurely in the journey. As a result, they actually end up driving consumers away, leaving a bad taste in their mouths. This ultimately creates a...

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