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Reinventing Google: The underdog search engine with a daring new vision for the web - TechRadar

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A significant share of advertising revenue generated by written digital content, both directly and indirectly, drops into the pockets of one organization: Google.

The company draws from the value pot with both hands, making billions from the ads in its search listings (which are populated with material scraped for free from the web) and earning a commission on the placement of ads on the content itself.

The dearth of competition across search and digital advertising means Google is effectively free to set the price. As a result, “monopoly rents are being imposed upon every website that is ad-supported”, in the words of US Senator Mike Lee.

When the market dynamics are framed in this way, it’s hard not to conclude that publishers and other content creators are getting a raw deal. But there are those that believe this doesn’t have to be the case.

SEO company Ahrefs is developing a new search engine called Yep, built atop a proprietary index wholly independent of Google, which is designed to redistribute advertising profits in a more equitable manner.

For every dollar in advertising revenue generated by Yep, Ahrefs promises to divide $0.90 between the creators of the content that makes up its listings.

“We want to offer a search engine that provides privacy for users and...

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