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Phishing attack abuses Microsoft Azure, Google Sites to steal crypto - BleepingComputer

Last updated Wednesday, August 10, 2022 12:50 ET , Source: NewsService

A new large-scale phishing campaign targeting Coinbase, MetaMask, Kraken, and Gemini users is abusing Google Sites and Microsoft Azure Web App to create fraudulent sites.

These phishing pages are promoted through comments posted to legitimate sites by a network of bots controlled by the threat actors. Posting links to phishing pages on various legitimate sites aims to increase traffic and boost the malicious site's search engine rankings.

Furthermore, because the phishing sites are hosted in Microsoft and Google services, they aren't flagged by automated moderator systems, allowing promotional messages to stay in the comment section for longer.

The new campaign was spotted by analysts at Netskope, who noted that this tactic has allowed some of the fraudulent sites to appear as the first result in Google Search.

Even worse, as shown below, Google has also included the phishing pages as featured snippets, giving them the highest exposure possible in the search results.

Abusing legitimate services

Google Sites is a free web page creation tool, part of Google's online service suite, allowing users to create websites and host them on Google Cloud or other providers.

Similarly, Microsoft's Azure Web Apps is a platform helping users create, deploy, and manage web applications and websites.

Both services are trusted by internet security tools, offer competitive pricing and high availability, so they are a good option for creating phishing pages.

The crooks in the campaign seen by...

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