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Above the Fold—Does It Really Matter for Law Firm SEO and Website Development? - JD Supra

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Extraordinary news is published on the front page of the newspaper for maximum exposure, a strategy that helps communicate important news quickly—and helps publishers sell their papers faster. Similarly, law firm websites can utilize the “above the fold” technique to deliver a better user experience and increase engagement.

What does “above the fold” mean?

The phrase “above the fold” refers to the prime, uppermost location where the most important information is usually displayed.

It originated from the way newspapers are often folded on newsstands, with the front page creased in half to reveal only the top half of the front page. Because the most visible part of the newspaper is the top section above the middle crease—above the fold—this is where the most important news is published.

In the digital sense, “above the fold” refers to content that is visible on a website before scrolling down.

How does “above the fold” affect digital content?

The “above the fold” principle affects both a user’s experience of digital content as well as a search engine’s perception of that content.

Firstly, let’s consider your website visitors. The content that appears on your website before the first scroll is absolutely critical. Study after study has proven that the majority of users engage with content above the fold. In fact, website visitors spend 80% of their time on information above the fold before they scroll down. Users devote only 20% of their...

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