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IndexNow attributed for 7% of all new URLs clicked on in Bing in the past month - Search Engine Land

Last updated Friday, August 12, 2022 12:30 ET , Source: NewsService

7-percent of all the new URLs clicked on URLs in Bing Search in the past month were sourced from the IndexNow protocol, Fabrice Canel from Microsoft told Search Engine Land. In fact, IndexNow has grown a lot, with more than 16 million websites that are using IndexNow, they are publishing over 1.2 billion URLs per day to the IndexNow API.

IndexNow’s growth. In February 2022 IndexNow has grown to support millions of sites by adding integration with Duda, All in One WordPress SEO plugin and Rank Math SEO plugin. Microsoft released a simple-to-use WordPress plugin for IndexNow and Google announced it would be testing this protocol. Then in February 2022, Microsoft said 80,000 websites are now using IndexNow for URL submission.In March 2022 SEOPress added integration building the platform by another 200,000 sites. In June, Yoast SEO added support providing easy access for a lot of WordPress sites to turn on the feature. With those providers integrating IndexNow, it gained millions of sites adopting IndexNow, just several months after IndexNow was initially rolled out. Now, we are at over 16 million websites that are using IndexNow.

Earlier this year, the Czech search engine Seznam.cz adopted IndexNow.

What is IndexNow. IndexNow provides a method for website owners to instantly inform search engines about the latest content changes on their website. IndexNow is a simple ping protocol so that search engines know that a URL and its content has been added, updated, or deleted,...

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