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Netskope Discovers Hackers Are Using Google Sites and Microsoft Azure to Steal Crypto – Security Bitcoin News - Bitcoin News

Last updated Saturday, August 13, 2022 04:02 ET , Source: NewsService

Attackers are taking advantage of certain SEO techniques to direct users to phishing sites for wallet apps like Metamask and exchanges such as Coinbase and Kraken. These sites, created in Google Sites and Microsoft Azure, fool users into introducing their personal information, allowing malevolent entities to siphon their funds from these services, according to Netskope.

Cryptocurrency Phishing Scheme Uses SEO, Google Sites, and Microsoft Azure, According to Netskope

A new kind of cryptocurrency phishing scam scheme has been detected by Netskope, an online security company, that involves SEO techniques and copycat pages. According to a report from the company, throughout 2022, it has been detected that attackers are using blogs as tools to distribute links to phishing sites.

In these blogs, the attackers post links with SEO content that allows them to rank high in search engine queries. This means that the links will be reviewed by many people, which can then open them to believing these are linking to real crypto sites. However, the links are directing the users to phishing sites that are very similar to crypto-based sites, such as the website for Metamask.

Other sites also mimic exchanges such as Coinbase, Gemini, and Kraken.

Phishing Mechanism

These phishing sites, which are hosted either on Google Sites or use Microsoft Azure, are designed to fool the users and take their personal information in two different ways. The first one has to do with acquiring the private...

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