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Google Display & Video 360 Launches New Custom Bidding Options - Search Engine Journal

Last updated Tuesday, August 23, 2022 16:15 ET , Source: NewsService

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New custom bidding options in Google Display & Video 360 will allow advertisers to utilize data from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties and optimize bids to capture attention.

As marketers and agencies lean more into automation, Display & Video 360 allows advertisers to automate parts of their campaigns while customizing their bidding strategies.

Here’s more about the new custom bidding options you can work with.

Customize Bids Using Data From GA4 Properties

Advertisers can use Display & Video 360 to tailor bids using first-party data from their Google Analytics accounts.

Before today’s update, incorporating GA data into customized bidding strategies was only possible with Universal Analytics (UA) properties.

Custom bidding in Display & Video 360 is now compatible with GA 4 properties.

Google states in an announcement:

“We know that many of you have moved or are working on moving from Universal Analytics to the new Google Analytics. So we made sure that data coming from any new Analytics 4 property — either standard or 360 — can be activated in Display & Video 360.”

Optimize Bids To Capture Attention

Optimizing bids to maximize conversions isn’t always ideal, especially for campaigns where direct conversions are difficult to measure.

For example, running a connected TV (CTV) campaign...

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