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SEO: Keyword Research for a New Site - Practical Ecommerce

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An established website has many options to expand keyword lists and identify organic search opportunities.

But what if a site is new? How can it identify keywords without data? Certainly the owner would understand the niche and the obvious search queries for a related product or problem.

Then what? Here are three ways to narrow a keyword list without internal data.

Keyword Tactics for a New Site

Identify keywords with little competition. A new site has no domain authority and credibility. Ranking for “short tail” keywords with much competition is near impossible.

Instead, focus on little-used terms, those with low keyword difficulty scores. Assemble intuitive keyword lists and filter for “least difficult” to rank on page 1 of search results. Tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, and SE Rankings offer those filtering features. Consider using more than one of those tools, as each has unique methods for measuring “difficulty.”

Research keywords of another new site in your niche. Mining competitors’ keyword data is another way to identify organic search opportunities.

The key is to avoid established sites and analyze a niche competitor that launched a year or two ago. A new site cannot compete with, say, Amazon. Attempting it would produce highly cluttered lists given the diverse rankings.

However, a newer site climbing search engine rankings would likely provide a slew of keyword lessons.

SE Ranking, the SEO platform, offers a helpful feature to spot a newer competitor that recently...

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