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The Relationship Between SEO for Lawyers and Social Media - JD Supra

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SEO and social media are two of the most powerful tactics your law firm can leverage to attract and nurture qualified leads.

But if you think of social media and SEO for lawyers as entirely separate, unrelated tools, you’re making a big mistake. While considerably effective on their own, when used in tandem in a coordinated manner, SEO and social media are significantly more capable of bringing value to your audience and more visitors to your firm’s website.

SEO for Lawyers and Social Media

How Do They Relate?

There’s no question that SEO and social media are two very different things. SEO is the process of improving a firm’s website in order to boost rankings in search engines. And social media, well that’s the act of creating posts with copy and maybe even images on various social sharing platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

So, how do the two interrelate? A huge part of SEO for lawyers is off-page. This means that actions taken off of your website, such as backlinking, also impact your site’s ability to rank. In fact, the top Google search results have 3.8x more backlinks than the lower results.

Although the relationship between social media and SEO isn’t exactly cause-and-effect, posting to social media offers a great opportunity to share links to your firm’s website. This brings more traffic to your site, more shares of your links, and all the great stuff that leads to improved search rankings.

On top of that, law firms should remember that the best...

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