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10 tips to help you become an in-house SEO - Search Engine Land

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Looking to land a new SEO role to grow your career? You may want to consider becoming an in-house SEO specialist.

Thanks to the Great Resignation, more jobs are available and plenty of companies are currently open to remote work gigs. There’s a significant demand for in-house SEO roles, with hundreds of openings advertised around the U.S. alone.

Now’s the ideal time to give it a shot as the demand is high, yet the bar is not too steep. You have the opportunity to improve your own “hireability,” and as a former long-term in-house SEO strategist, I have tips for you.

But first, why look in-house?

Why should you consider an in-house SEO role?

In-house SEO can be advantageous compared to working for small SEO agencies or as an independent consultant. Benefits include things like:

  • Great pay (if you do in-house for larger companies or companies in lucrative verticals).
  • A more regular work schedule.
  • More robust group benefits such as insurance, sick leave, and 401K.
  • Stability.
  • Supportive teammates and infrastructure.

For instance, a larger company can call an IT person to fix your computer or internet access. In contrast, if you are independent, you may be doing everything ranging from accounting, IT, sales, and advertising to performing your HR functions, hardware upgrades, system admin work, and more.

My experience at doing SEO in-house for one of the world’s largest corporations and subsequently providing strategic guidance for other in-house teams has given me insights into...

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