Saturday, October 1, 2022

Google Search is testing a way to point you toward shorter articles - Android Police

Last updated Tuesday, August 30, 2022 15:12 ET , Source: NewsService

Google has a knack for keeping its search results helpful and up to date, and while that's exactly why we turn to it as often as we do, how often do you find yourself looking up what should be a simple question, but find yourself sucked down the rabbit hole, clicking link after link as you chase down more info? With as easy as it is to get caught up with longer, more detailed results than we have time for, Google is now testing a new label to help you identify shorter reading material.

Google’s new Quick Read label (also seen as “<5 Min Read” in some places), identifies shorter articles on its results page. The label appears just underneath the SEO description for a given search result. This hint could be invaluable if you’re pressed for time and only have a few minutes to get the information you seek.

SEO consultant Brody Clark reports seeing several variations of the new labels, including a Quick Read label on mobile and desktop with a blue clock icon and black text, or one with capitalized text, a gray icon, and gray text. The “<5 Min Read” label has also been spotted on desktop in gray and in blue, for half-a-dozen some variants in total. Google could be considering different uses in mind for the label colors, like to show the recency of the label’s reading time estimate, or maybe it's just experimenting with the look.

Displaying estimated reading time has long been a staple for apps like Pocket and RSS feed readers like Feedly. Even links sent on apps like Slack...

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