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How Can SXG Improve Your SEO? - Forbes

Last updated Tuesday, August 30, 2022 07:15 ET , Source: NewsService

Chris Siebeneck, VP of Strategic Partners at SEO Werkz, Changing the world... one campaign at a time.

We all know that web performance is critical for a successful business online. Waiting too long for sites to load hurts conversion rates and revenue, for example. Walmart found that for every second they reduced the load time of their website, their conversion rate improved by 2%. Suffice to say, web performance matters. That is why it has long been an essential measurement for Google. Fast websites offer a better user experience, and so it is one of many important ranking signals for companies doing online marketing and SEO. But web performance can be very difficult, often coupled with a large amount of technical debt. What if there was an easier way?

Google, like many other tech companies, has a keen focus on user experience and web performance for the users of its site. For the best user experience on its search engine, Google prioritizes sites in its search results that have a good (and fast) user experience so searchers get the best experience possible. Google recently started supporting a technology called signed exchange (often referred to as SXG), which allows you to reduce the load time of your website, specifically for users visiting your site from the Google search results pages. SXG allows Google to start preloading your website assets (including images, style sheets and more) in users’ browsers before they ever visit your website. In fact, it will load assets...

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