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How To Impress Leadership Teams & Shareholders: Forecast SEO - Search Engine Journal

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We’ve partnered with Charlie Norledge, Head of SEO Performance at Impression, to learn why forecasting SEO performance is a great approach to winning your stakeholders’ buy-in, especially in an uncertain economic climate.

And how to implement it.

As 2022 rolls on and the ever-present words of “recession,” “inflation,” and “crisis” rear their ugly heads, it’s more important than ever that you show the value of your SEO work.

It can become a difficult conversation when trying to answer the question of “What is SEO bringing?” – especially since SEO isn’t solely focused on driving revenue.

To tackle this question, you can use SEO forecasting, which allows you to estimate the extra traffic your SEO strategy will bring to the site.

In this article, we’ll share how we’ve been approaching forecasting SEO performance using SEOmonitor to provide:

  • Realistic SEO success targets based on forecasted data.
  • Calculated targets to hit to achieve your forecast goals.
  • Tips on how to manage expectations with senior stakeholders.

How To Forecast Your SEO Performance & Win Stakeholders

Forecasting your future SEO performance is as effective as 4 clear steps and can take less than 15 minutes, once your keyword groups are set.

Using SEOmonitor’s keyword forecasting, SEO professionals like you can set up detailed forecasts that use your keyword research and SEOMonitor’s tool to come up with helpful forecasts – just like our team at Impression does it.

Set up your stakeholder-winning...

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