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Kreativ Marketing: A One-Stop-Shop for Marketing & Design Services - Digital First Magazine

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In today’s world, companies, global and local, innovative and traditional, large and small, public and private, are all battling out for the same market. Hence, digital marketing has proved to be a key differentiator when it comes down to getting a competitive edge in the market. Kreativ Marketing is a Google certified digital media agency that specializes in SEO, Google Ads, social media, and content creation. It builds customized marketing strategies that meet each client’s unique needs.

Kreativ Marketing was formed in 2017 by its parent company Grand Apps, a mobile app development company. “As various mobile apps were being developed, we were often asked if we provided marketing. That’s when the idea of having a marketing branch came to mind, and Kreativ Marketing was born,” shares Tyler Kutt, Co-Owner, Kreativ Marketing & Grand Apps. Since then, the company has offered services to a large clientele base ranging from dumpster businesses to financial advising and everything in between. Recently, Kreativ Marketing was picked as one of the top 11 Best SEO Agencies in Grand Rapids by Expertise, owing to its expert services.

Client Relationships are a Top Priority

Kreativ Marketing is very relationship-focused. Tyler and his partner are the clients’ primary point of contact for anything they need. Moreover, Kreativ Marketing partners get the advantage of actively participating in day-to-day operations and decision-making on their projects. “Our clients aren’t just...

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