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Google Will Reject Ads Leading To Pages With Intrusive Advertising - Search Engine Journal

Last updated Tuesday, September 6, 2022 21:29 ET , Source: NewsService

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Google Ads is implementing a new policy requiring landing pages to meet the “better ads standards,” as the Coalition For Better Ads laid out.

A change to Google’s destination requirements policy states if an ad leads to a page that doesn’t comply with the better ad standards, Google will disapprove the ad.

Google is sending emails to advertisers informing them of the policy change, which leaves roughly a monthto make necessary updates.

The email reads:

“In October 2022, the Destination requirements policy will be updated to include a new policy requiring ad experiences on destinations to conform to the Coalition for Better Ads’ Better Ads Standards. Destinations containing ad experiences that do not conform to the Better Ads Standards will be informed via the Ad Experience Report, and any ads that lead to such destinations will be disapproved.”

If you’re running Google Ads, this new policy means you must be extra careful about the pages people land on.

Google doesn’t want advertisers sending people to pages that contain intrusive or annoying ad experiences.

Your landing pages may be complying with the better ads standards already, especially if they’re optimized for Google’s page experience update.

If you’re unsure whether your landing pages meet the standards, Google will inform you in the Ad Experience...

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