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Realme C3 price In Pakistan & specs - BOL News

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Realme C3 price In Pakistan & specs
The Realme sharp C3 has got 32 gigabytes of internal storage.
The main sensor is going to be 12 megapixels along with 2 MP depth sensor.
The 4000 mAh battery capacity reveals.
The C3, a new attractive Realme smartphone that will replace the C2, is being released by the Chinese tech firm Realme. The Realme C3’s specifications category will see a modest adjustment. The phone will be on sale in the first quarter of the following year, which is currently a few days away. The Mediatek Helio G70 will power the smartphone. A good chipset for mid-range smartphones is this one. The Realme C3’s RAM is likewise a decent one. Three megabytes of RAM power it. The smartphone will be able to carry out various tasks quickly thanks to the RAM and CPU. The brand-new Realme C3 has a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen.
Realme C3 price In Pakistan
The Realme C3 price in Pakistan is Rs.

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