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Divided by borders, united by aspirations - Geo News

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“Who and how can anyone say that Southasia is divided?” asked senior journalist Namrata Sharma, editor of Nariswor (Women’s Voice), in Kathmandu. The divisions, she said, come from “different politics”.
“My heart reaches out to you,” she added, addressing Lee Krishnan in Mumbai and Mohsin Tejani in Karachi, the facilitators of a workshop titled ‘Write for Peace’. “The way, in such a short time, you made us all write, think and connect, was beautiful.” Sharma was delivering the closing remarks at the event on the last Sunday of August, organised by the Southasia Peace Action Network, or Sapan. The interactions she had witnessed and participated in highlighted “the very essence of the existence of Sapan”.
Kid at the table
I have been part of Sapan since its launch meeting in March last year. Many of us try to take out time from our full-time jobs to help voluntarily organise for this network of intergenerational activists, academics, journalists, researchers, tech people, and more. Sapan activities bring forward issues that concern all of Southasia, creating linkages around shared trials and tribulations.
I try my best to contribute more, but am often unable to make it to the events and meetings. Yes, guilty as charged! But Sapaners treat me like that much-loved kid in the family who is allowed to leave the family dinners without guilt trips. Not very ‘Southasian’ at all!
That’s how we welcome and accept someone. This is the safe space we have created, where people are not...

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