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Samsung Galaxy A50 price in Pakistan & specs - BOL News

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Samsung Galaxy A50 price in Pakistan & specs
Galaxy A50’s variant is 64 GB.
This phone is coming with whooping 128 GB ROM.
The internal storage of the phone up to 512 GB via SD card slot.
The Galaxy A50, which Samsung is currently developing, will serve as the company’s new entry point into the future with significant updates to the majority of its components. The front display of the Samsung Galaxy A50 has also been switched to an LCD display as part of this new series’ distinctive design in an effort to keep costs as low as feasible. This innovative approach is used to combat Chinese businesses. The Samsung Galaxy A50 appears to be fully equipped with potent characteristics to compete with companies like Huawei and OPPO, which are vying for the top with numerous products. The 6.4-inch screen on Samsung’s Galaxy A50 will be constructed of a super AMOLED panel, which has an excellent display.
Samsung Galaxy A50 price in Pakistan
The price Samsung Galaxy A50 price in pakistan is Rs.

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