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This SaaS startup uses AI to help small businesses create sharp, targeted content - YourStory

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Founded in 2020, Gurugram-based content intelligence SaaS platform Scalenut offers an AI-powered research and writing tool to help marketing strategists with planning, research, and creation of content.

Advertising has changed with the evolution of technology, and has ensured that content is truly king.

Every website now features digital ads that await a prospective user every time they click on a site. There is no limit to how a potential customer can be reached. Tools like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensure that every advertisement is viewed by a specific target audience. However, it can be tough to tailor these ads for every single campaign, especially to a large audience.

Enter Scalenut , which is attempting to automate processes like SEO through artificial intelligence (AI). In essence, Scalenut is a software as a service (SaaS) company for content creation.

“We are a content automation SaaS platform that helps businesses scale their SEO content. We are building the entire content lifecycle management platform, to potentially research, plan, and measure content,” Mayank says.

For the last two years, Founders Mayank Jain, Gaurav Goyal, and Saurabh Wadhawan have helped marketing strategists plan, research, and create content for their customers.

Creating scalable content

Scalenut spoke with nearly 100 small business owners across the world to understand core issues. From their conversations, the founders noted that businesses often struggle with figuring out what...

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