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Google Answers If Adding Content Daily Increases Rankings - Search Engine Journal

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Google conducted an SEO office hours hangout in which someone asked if adding content on a regular basis was helpful for ranking.

It’s a good question because it’s commonly understood that publishing content on a regular basis is a good idea because it keeps readers coming back for more.

Publishing Daily Good For Rankings?

This is the question that was asked:

“Does posting one content daily increase ranking?”

It’s unclear who at Google answered the question.

This is the answer that was given from Google:


Posting daily or at any specific frequency for that matter doesn’t help with ranking better in Google search results.

However, the more pages you have in the Google index, the more your content may show up in search results.”

Get Into the Google Index

It’s been noted over the past few years that Google does not crawl all content.

And if the content isn’t crawled then it’s not going to be indexed, which is important for ranking.

Part of the reason why Google might not crawl that content is the overall quality of a website.

Google’s John Mueller said:

“The other big reason why we don’t crawl a lot from websites is because we’re not convinced about the quality overall.

So that’s something where, especially with newer sites, I see us sometimes struggle with that.


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