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SEO Forecasting: 3 Unique Ways To Prove The Value Of SEO To Clients & Stakeholders - Search Engine Journal

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As a potential recession looms in the next year, you’re probably nervous about marketing budget cuts.

Whether you’re worried or still waiting to see how the end of the year unfolds, it’s clear that proving the value of SEO to clients and stakeholders is more important than ever.

So, how can you:

  • Prove that SEO is necessary for your business or clients?
  • Ensure that your SEO strategy is efficient and tied to accurately estimated results?
  • Prove that SEO can bring in not just website visitors – but new business opportunities?

If you could do all of that, your clients and in-house senior stakeholders or leadership teams would:

  • Consider SEO an investment.
  • Involve your SEO team in more business decisions.
  • Discover how to grow SEO teams instead of dissolving them.

We’ve partnered with Chris Laas to explore how he uses SEO forecasting to provide greater value to clients and senior stakeholders.

Chris, a seasoned U.S. and U.K. consultant on strategy and digital growth marketing for various international brands and agencies, has a career that spans 25 years in the industry. He has taken his own ecommerce brand from a fledgling start-up to exit, and built a highly-successful digital marketing business unit. When it comes to SEO investments and ROI potential, his insights consider all parties involved.

Now, let’s let Chris do the teaching.

In my experience, SEO is the marketing channel that comes under scrutiny or is cut during times of economic uncertainty.

I believe this is a...

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