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#TECH: Sarawak-made e-commerce platform set to help local entrepreneurs - New Straits Times

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WHEN the world came to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mohd Saferizal Rosli was one of the thousands of people who lost their jobs. The e-commerce company he worked at for six years closed its warehouse in Kuching, Sarawak, leaving the 33-year-old "lost" for months.

Unable to provide for his family, Saferizal started to think of ways to make a living without relying on other people as it was a time when everyone was in need and homebound due to the lockdown.

"I don't remember how or what made me decide to sell sambal, my family's sambal. But it just hit me that this (sambal) could be the answer," said Saferizal, recalling the start of his e-commerce journey almost two years ago with just 10 bottles of sambal.


"Just like everyone else, I started small. I shared my sambal with close friends and family. Then more and more people started to contact me to order the sambal. I was a bit shocked. I honestly didn't expect that it would be such a hit and people would wait for the next batch," he said.

To test the market, Saferizal made 80 bottles instead of the usual 10 and to his astonishment, all were snapped up in less than a week. The sambal, branded as Sambal Kenyalang, comes in three heat levels — Ijo, Ngebeh and Loba (the last being the hottest).

Saferizal said news of his sambal spread like wildfire and he was getting orders from Kuching too. This made him want to promote the sambal to more homes.

He aspired to venture online, making Sambal...

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