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If you run a website or post a lot on social media, you’ll know that alt text is a very common feature now, solidifying the importance of accessibility across the digital landscape.

Users who are blind, visually impaired, or on a bad internet connection benefit from alt text, and so do creators who put the tool to good use. It’s easy to get wrong, however, especially if you’re rushing to share content. Here are several reasons why alt text is important as a digital feature and tips on how to write effective alt text.

Why Is Alt Text Important?

Firstly, the alternative text exists to help those with visual impairments understand what’s on their monitor besides actual text, typically by using screen readers. These particular apps can describe photos, posters, graphs, and other images in everything from a Tweet to an article or slideshow, but only if their alt text is set up properly.

It doesn’t just support people with disabilities, either. Someone with low bandwidth might also have difficulty seeing a site’s images, so alt text is a practical solution to a widespread problem.

Moreover, descriptive alt text, as Google Search Central's image tips explain, is important to bots trying to index your image and web page. Whatever visual object you’re defining, the more precise it is, the better Google will understand and deliver it to people doing relevant searches.

Including different kinds of media on your website is among the best SEO methods for boosting your SERP ranking,...

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