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An SEO Crash Course For The Legal Field - Above the Law

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For plaintiffs firms and small firms in particular, a keen awareness of search-engine optimization practices is critical to success.

If a motion were filed containing the term “truck injury attorney” where the term “truck injury attorneys” should have been, for example, the editing oversight would be regrettable, but likely benign.

But the world looks different to search engine algorithms, and on Google, a missing letter can make a world of difference to a law firm looking for exposure to new clientele.

That’s the gospel from search engine optimization guru Jeff Jacobs of MarketingSuccess.com, an SEO marketing agency with an emphasis on law firms.

Jacobs is one of the guests in a densely informative webinar presented by our friends at Assembly Software, “How You Can Put SEO to Work for Your Firm.

He uses the truck injury attorney as an example of how fraught SEO strategy can be. According to Jacobs’s keyword research, the singular form of the search term yielded more than three times the results as the plural form.

Where Your Clients Are

Approximately 80 percent of all search is organic, according to the presentation, meaning it consists of unique users looking for the information or services they’ve searched for.

Effective use of SEO strategy gets your practice in front of those search users, ideally sooner than later. If done correctly, the result is a spike in website traffic, leads, and ultimately new clients.

These kinds of insights aren’t exactly intuitive, which...

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