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How to build an enterprise SEO team - Search Engine Land

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In 2022, 10.03 million viewers tuned in to watch the NFL Draft.


Because everyone knows that winning is a result of teamwork.

The NFL Draft supplies a team with talent that has the potential to reshape teams to win more. Coaches pick the talent that fits their style of play and improves the team positively.

If you’re an enterprise SEO Director, think of yourself as a coach. You’re building the right SEO team that will not only help you scale but will fit within your company’s org structure.

Today’s enterprise SEO teams are different from teams of the past: They’re more agile, technical, cross-functional and efficient.

That means enterprise SEO teams must learn to play nice in the same sandbox as the dev, editorial and product marketing teams.

Enterprise SEO teams need to overcome the pitfalls of competing priorities and “us versus them” thinking to establish a shared mindset to create the best customer experience.

As Ren Lacerda, Head of SEO at Carmax, shared with me:

  • “The company recognized the strategic value of SEO – beyond the clicks and sales it produces – and we are fortunate to count on significant resources. The soul of our approach is that we believe that to win in SEO is a matter of ‘death by a thousand cuts,’ where it’s rarely one single action that produces results, but the collection of many, many actions focused on creating the best customer experience on the SERPs we are targeting that will bring us the most market share on Google SERPs.”

With my 12+...

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